Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dealing with Bullies

I will just post one of the links about dealing with a bully as opposed to rewrite the post.

Also, I have been reading Ron Fournier's Love That Boy about his autistic son. It's at a 4 star level because it is a little bit boring to me, but I love how the underlying and repeat message I am getting is that parents need to drop the expectations and let the children be who they are going to be. Autism initially seems like a slap in the face of reality when it comes to where reality meets expectations. I know that from experience. The hardest part of autism for me was not being properly diagnosed until adulthood. I had a lot of expectations of myself. I have had to wrestle with the diagnosis. And ultimately, I have had to let loose of the expectations and just accept the reality. It is a harsh mismatch. But I will not trade my autism for anything.

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