Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyager of the Dawn Treader

Went to see the third installment of Chronicles of Narnia based on the C.S. Lewis series of the same name with my mother. Voyage of the Dawn Treader proves to be quite intense, and that was just the 2D version. I would not recommend the 3D version unless you can handle the excitement of 3D. 3D can cause headaches, motion sickness and other ill effects.

For parents with children who enjoy the series, I would not recommend this film for anyone under the age of 10 due to the extremely intense moments. 

The third installment finds Lucy and Edmond staying with a cousin, Eustace, while older siblings Susan and Peter are in America. Young Lucy finds herself envious of Susan as she does not believe that she is as pretty. Edmond tries to enter the army. And Eustace is just an impish child who despises his cousins.

In this latest installment, the entrance to Narnia is through a painting. We are re-acquainted with Caspian and Reepicheep as well as some other familiar characters. We are also introduced to the seven lords as the quest for the seven swords takes place in order to restore good to the world of Narnia. 

But restoring good to Narnia involves a lot of testing of everyone. Each person has his or her own test to pass in order to accomplish the task they have at hand. Each person has to resist the temptation that evil puts in their way as they pass their tests and face their fears and challenges.

We also see at the end just how much like God Aslan really is as he converts Eustace back into a human boy and gives Caspian a choice of whether or not to go to Aslan's country while we say good-bye to Reepicheep as he sails off to Aslan's country. For it is in this scene that we can draw the comparison that Aslan's country must be like Heaven. 

But alas, Lucy and Edmond are growing up and may not return to Narnia. But Eustace may be drawn back again. 

My favorite line from this film is from Reepicheep when he told Lucy, "We have nothing, if not belief."