Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Countering Antivax Lies and Misinformation - Part One

The immunocompromised.

Yeah, okay, so the first lie is the one where they start throwing the immunocompromised under the bus claiming that we are being told by doctors to avoid the recently vaccinated.

Trust me sweetheart, we aren’t being told any such thing.

Matter of fact, our healthy household members are being advised to be up to date on all vaccines.

There are only a handful of caveats:

1. If the vaccinated individual comes down with the rash from the chicken pox vaccine
2. Wash hands after changing diapers after rotavirus vaccine (babies) - who doesn’t?
3. Live nasal flu vaccine

I mean, really.

I am immunocompromised and have been in the infusion ward at my area hospital for two years now. Still no signs advising against the recently vaccinated.

Because shedding is either nonexistent or the vaccine is unable to transmit because the virus or bacteria has been killed or weakened.

Who am I going to trust? Not antivaxxers.

The following are some resources that I have compiled and trust:

This one actually has multiple links:

Can household contacts of immune-compromised people receive vaccines?
Yes. Children in the homes of immune-compromised people can safely receive all routinely recommended vaccines. Adults in the home or in close contact with immune-compromised individuals should also be up to date on all routinely recommended vaccines, so they do not inadvertently expose the person to vaccine-preventable diseases. 

Second, but people cannot spread diseases they cannot have!

Actually, unless you carry a microscope, you do not even know what you have! Fun fact:

Hepatitis A, which does have a vaccine, can actually be spread anywhere from 2 weeks to 7 weeks after exposure. While many people exposed might not ever have symptoms, symptoms might not even appear from 2 weeks to 50 days! FIFTY DAYS! And we wonder how outbreaks happen so easily. Fortunately, most people who get exposed, whether they get sick or not, but especially if they get sick, and if they relapse, should NEVER get it again. This would be the only disease that truly builds a lifetime immunity that doesn’t come with significant consequences. 

Third, the falsehood of lifetime immunity with measles and chicken pox:

Measles might confer lifetime immunity IF the patient does not die or develop SSPE in the years that follow and only after the immune system rebuilds and the patient does not end up disabled as a result. And same for chicken pox, except that the chicken pox comes with the future of the possibility of shingles which I have heard can be very painful. 


Two babies who were exposed to rubella in uteri were aborted and the women gave permission to the doctors to utilize the blood cells to develop a “cure” in the form of a vaccine. The Catholic Church took issue with the methodology used in the creation of the vaccine itself but also took the side of pro-vaccination as it was proven that the vaccine resulted in a decline of what they call spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage. And the number of cases of congenital rubella syndrome also declined as a result of the vaccine.


Multiple studies later and autism is still not linked in any way, shape, or form with vaccines. BUT as genetics develops into a more solid field of study, we have identified multiple genes that can contribute to autism. And just because they might not have yet identified all the genes does not mean autism is anything but genetic. Same with ADHD and any other conditions that is not triggered by a disease process. 

This is but one part of a lot to unpack. And I look forward to fleshing this out some more in the future year. 

As for mandatory vaccines laws, I support them. They are not forced. They simply have consequences for failing to adhere to them.