Friday, October 22, 2010

Samantha Stays Safe by Clare Mishica

In Samantha Stays Safe by Clare Mishica, we find young Samantha in the store with her mother. Her mother, like all good parents, tells Samantha not to stray very far when Samantha realizes she left her teddy bear in another department of the store. When Samantha returns, she cannot find her mother and starts to panic. Then she calms down and asks for God's help. As though an answer to prayer, Samantha remembers what her mother taught her to do when she gets lost in a store and her mother and her are reunited.

This book reminds me of the fact that God never leaves us to our own resources no matter how far we stray from Him for He never really lets us out of His sight.

The recommended ages for this book are 3-7 but parents will probably love turning to this book to remind their children that they are never out of God's sight no matter how far they may stray.

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