Thursday, October 21, 2010


I ended up receiving a book with a rather intriguing title recently when I acquired a $5 kid's surprise box. It was filled with about $30 or more worth of items. This book stood out though.

It is green. It has animals on the front cover. We're talking alligators, rabbits, hippos, frogs and hogs to name a few. It is called Superhero Swamp. And it is by a man named John Trent, Ph.D.

In the book, all these different animals that ordinarily do not get along in the wild get along just fine in the swamp in Louisiana. That is until the day that the hippos decide not to share the swamp with the smaller animals. Somehow this leads to the alligators snapping at everything, the crabs getting bossy, the frogs getting annoying and the parrots repeating everything anyone says.

Then one day one of the rabbits is praying softly in the woods for God to help things return to the way they were. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a rabbit wearing a cape with GMUASH and mask appears. He calls himself the Superhero Superhero-maker. Instantly, upon putting on the different outfits GMUASH hands them, the animals become super nice again. That is until they realize that the superhero really is not a superhero after all.

The bottom line message though is that the outfits did not change the animals. Rather the outfits reminded them what they were like all along and just served to remind them of that. But before the story can end, one question has to arise. What does GMUASH stand for?

"God Makes Us All Super Heroes."

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